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Frequently asked questions

EM-1® is a fermented blend of beneficial microorganims, namely Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast, and Photosynthetic/Phototrophic Bacteria. The organisms in EM are completely safe for healthy adult animals and humans and are not genetically modified.

EM-1 is useful as a soil conditioner and increases nutrient uptake in plants. EM-1® reduces odors, breaks down indoor volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and digests grease. It accelerates the composting of organic materials (food or yard waste) , and promotes water clarity in ponds and rivers.

EM-1® is not a fertilizer. Rather, it is a probiotic for plants. It does not contain a significant amount of any plant nutrients. Instead it helps increase the efficiency of plant nutrient absorption and fertilizer availability to plants. As a result, there is often a reduction in fertilizer/nutrient requirement.

In the United States, EM-1® is OMRI Listed, meaning the product is allowed for certified organic production under the USDA National Organic Program. In Singapore, EM-1® carries the Green Label. It is produced without artificial chemicals which means that it can be used all the way up to harvest and even in washing of fruits and vegetables.

Yes! Any surface that can be cleaned with water can be sprayed or soaked with EM-1® (1:100 dilution, or 10 ml/liter water). It may take more than one application for total removal. Bokashi can be added to litter boxes or cages to control odors as well.

For Households: 1-5 ml of EM-1® per liter of fresh water (1:200-1000 dilution).

For Agriculture: 1 ml or less of EM-1® per liter of fresh water (min 1:1000 dilution) for watering/irrigation, and 5 ml of EM-1® per liter of fresh water (1:200 dilution) as part of a foliar feed program on a weekly basis.

No, it is ready to use right out of the bottle. The activation process gives you 20 times more EM-1® than you started with, so it makes it cost less per liter.

It is not recommended to freeze EM. Once thawed, they may need some time (a few hours or days) to recover their effectiveness.

This is a result of some extra gas building up in the bottle and is perfectly normal. After all, the product is alive. The bacteria are thriving! We advise you to open the bottle slowly and let the gas blow off slowly, much like one would do with a shaken soda bottle.