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Industry Applications

EM Technology has been applied with our partners in the following areas: ● Agriculture ● Livestock ● Gardening ● Household ● Healthy Living ● Environmental solutions ● Construction

Household & Personal

EM solution is chemical free so you can use them abundantly and safely for your family and pets. ● Sustainable House Care ● Cyclic Gardening includes Kitchen Waste Recycling and Gardening ● Wellness Living

Training & Consultancy

We provide training classes for personal growth and consultancy on industry applications.


Water Purification

Anaerobic Digester, Sludge Treatment

Odour Control

Food caterers, aqua culture, farms, waste collections, mobile toilets.

Pest Control

Food caterers, waste collections

Paint Additives

Control indoor air quality, mosquitoes/insect-repellent, wet dew control

Food Waste Treatment

Conversion into value-added products, e.g. bioplastics

Self-Healing Concrete​ & Drainage Management

Construction materials
Choked pipes

Try it Yourself

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Fun Workshops

EM Soap Making

Natural soap making with EM and edible vegetable oils. A fun and action-filled workshop to make cold process soaps the traditional way, using edible oils in your kitchen. Learn about the history and chemistry behind soap-making, and their great skin and eco benefits.


Make natural facial scrubs and masks with food and EM. Our skins has the natural ability to moisturize itself, with the help of friendly lactate-producing microbes. Learn how to raid your refrigerator for the best ingredients to get your skin glowing.

Waste Composting

Reduce food waste and make fertilizer with EM Bokashi. What to do with those egg shells, fruit peels, vegetable stubs and stinky prawn shells? You will learn how to convert them odour-free, into fertilizers for your vegetables and herbs. Learn about farm-to-table-to-farm food loops, and recycle your food waste back into the soil.

DIY Concrete Planter

Learn how to make your own DIY concrete or cement planter.
Learn how to make EM mudballs. A lot of fun with kids!

Biodegradable Detergents

Care for your home sustainably with EM. Ever wonder if you can clean your home sustainably with biodegradable detergents without busting your budget? Flood your living environment with good microbiome? Join us to find out how you can do all that, by growing your own “detergents”! Participants to bring an empty 500-ml PET bottle each.


Fruit enzymes and fruit peel detergents 2-in-1. Fruit lovers rejoice! In this 2-in-1 workshop you will learn how to ferment fruits to produce health-boosting enzymes and brew your own fruit wines, and convert fruit peels into sweet-smelling ‘detergents” to freshen up your homes. Come and get tipsy!