For bokashi composting. Comes with 1 packet of EM bokashi (1-kg).

KitcoBin is an eco-friendly product, transforming kitchen food waste into nutritious compost within weeks. It offers the easiest way to recycle food waste without going through tedious traditional pile composting, without the odours. Suitable for apartment dwellers with space-constraint.

Details: KitCoBin can recycle almost all kitchen food waste, such as fruit peels, vegetables, meat, fish, small bones, cheese, egg shells, coffee grinds, tea bags, wilted flowers, etc. Avoid fibrous materials such as yard cuttings, wood, coconut husks or hard sea shells.

The KitCoBin composting system includes a strainer and a spigot, allowing the moisture released by the breakdown of food scraps to drain out and prevent spoilage. The leachate can be used as a fertilizer or diluted to be used as a bio-enzyme cleaner.

Comes with 1 packet of EM Bokashi (1-kg).


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